Monday, 21 March 2016

2016 Kawasaki ZX-10R

by Kawasaki

         Currently, which sends a latest generation super-bike enroll able is electronics. The ZX-10R we knew so far had 5 years between us and, despite being the most successful Ninja racing history (twice champion of the world SBK, several national titles and victories in Resistance), needed a good look under the arm of super-R that were shown in Milan in 2014. We know what will be the fourth generation of aggressive Super-bike signing Akashi, a bike that responds to the last attack of many of its rivals this year, entering the "electronic club of the century" and drawing on the experience of Jonathan Rea, Super-bike world champion 2015.


In this sense, the ZX-10R 2016 inherits a lot of technology already seen in its unique sister H2: electronic throttle RBW, traction control S-KTRC (5 levels of intervention), launch control KLCM (3 levels), motor control brake KEBC, semiautomatic change KQS, ABS-braking KIBS with triple angle and optimized driving mode. The IMU, as mentioned in competitors like the Yamaha YZF-R1, is also present in this Kawasaki, signed by Bosch to control all movements of the bike in 6 axes.  

      Respect to the chassis, the chassis varies its dimensions, with the toggle more strengthened and elongated (15.8 mm) as before. The new pressurized inverted fork is signed by 'Showa' and is an evolution of the BPF, now BFFF (Free Balance Front Fork) double piston. The 'Showa' rear shock is a BFRC multi irregularly. The brake discs are no longer lobed and as much of its competition, the front looks excellent 'Brembo' mono-block radial calipers M50.


The propeller keeps the 200 hp, but is completely new, exceeds the Euro4 and gains in lower-middle: cylinder heads, intake, camshaft, valves titanium exhaust, combustion chamber, titanium exhaust, cylinders Offset displaced 2 mm, lightweight pistons, larger-capacity air box (10 l.), gearbox, crankshaft with less inertia, chain tension distribution, etc.


2016 Product : Call for Inspection at Service Center

Kawasaki has proceeded to inform the owners of the ZX-10R, initiating a free campaign “Review and Replacing” of said screws. It is performed in about fifteen minutes or so, as has been reported by the manufacturer. A failure in the steering damper screws Kawasaki ZX-10R 2016 has forced the Japanese call to review a number of models for replacement.


          Check if affected. It is less damage caused by incorrect installation on the production line. Excessive torque on the bolts holding the steering damper of the Kawasaki ZX-10R caused a small stretch of the screws and the possibility, very remote, they tell us from Kawasaki, but possible that any of them could split, with the risk.

      The units whose frame is within the following range are those that are affected: JKAZXT00SSA000251 - JKAZXT00SSA002320. If the frame number of your bike is between the potentially affected units, please contact your dealer or the nearest official service.


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